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We have experience training Airline Pilots from around the world in the necessary skills to be competent and rated floatplane pilots. Learning how to read the water in fresh and salt water environments may be a handy skill if one day you had to ditch. Remember the Airbus landing on the Hudson River? Talk to your tax accountant about possible write-offs for seaplane training. We offer a convenient pick-up and drop-off option to streamline your timeline while laying over in ANC.

     We also offer year-round flight instruction for the Private, Commercial, and Airline Transport Pilot certificates, as well as Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor, and Multiengine Instructor. 
     If you like flying, fishing, hunting, boating, sailing, and the outdoors in general, than a floatplane rating is one experience you  must have. Possibly the best reason to get your float rating at Alaska Flying Adventures is the simple fact that it is so much fun!  Between flights wet a line and catch lake trout. It truly is an adventure like none other. You'll be glad you chose us, so call and make your reservation today at

(907) 202-6402.      You'll be glad you did.

   Why spend time and money on another boring Flight Review? Instead, do something fun and adventurous! Get your Airplane Single Engine Sea (ASES) floatplane rating in as little as 2-3 days in beautiful Wasilla, Alaska, or at our convenient location on Lake Hood Seaplane Base near the Alaska Aviation Museum. We are just ten minutes from downtown Anchorage. With no minimum time requirement, most pilots are ready for their check-ride in 5-7 hours.



     Are you looking to build that coveted "Alaska float time"?  What better way to do it with than in Alaska Flying Adventures' Cessna - 172M (160hp), on PK 2300 Floats, or our heavy-hauler Cessna 185F (300hp), on EDO 3400 Floats? If you are dreaming about that Alaska floatplane job, make it happen now. Get your qualifications and insurance required hours in our advanced float training course. Learn to fly into and out of all types of lakes and rivers in various terrain. Surrounded by the highest mountains in North America, finding mountain flying experience is no problem. Ask about our mountain flying course. Learn the techniques and develop the necessary skills to be an employable bush pilot for Alaska's operators.